Serna's Grill Food Truck

“Home of the Monster Gyros!”
We Service
The entire Chicagoland area and suburbs!
About Us
We began our build in late 2019 and were essentially derailed by the pandemic in 2020. So we decided to go ahead and launch our truck during the pandemic and we took our food out to the people and served in neighborhoods and sub-divisions! We are lucky to still be here and growing quickly! We love what we do we bring Chicago-Style Homemade food to our entire city and all of its suburbs!
Our Food
Home of the Monster Gyros & Monster Fries! We serve fresh sliced gyros with homemade tzatziki sauce as well as a variety of other Chicago-Style sandwiches and our Famous Gyros Tacos!
Signature Dish:  Monster Gyros & Monster Fries
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