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Semi-truck drivers carrying critical medical supplies, food, etc to sustain us through the World War C crisis (Covid-19) are having more and more difficulty finding food accessible for their trucks without substantial transport delays as more & more lockdowns cause massive restaurant closures. Restaurants with drive-thrus are are turning drivers away when they try to walk through the drive-thru and truckers have no safe parking in most cases.
The USDOT (Federal Dept of Transportation) has suspended state restictions on allowing food trucks to operate at interstate Rest Areas specficially to help assist semi drivers so they remain on time & healthy.
However, each state DOT must first approve the change for their state before relief can begin.
Truck drivers need massive support to get the word out to every state DOTD so they will accommodate by allowing food trucks at their rest areas. Truckers feel totally forgotten in spite of their heroic efforts. Help them to help us.
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3 Minutes can really make a difference

Action: Please follow these steps to bring attention to this cause:

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Please comply with this NEW Covid-19 Federal suggestion
Attn: Office of the Director
Not sure if you are aware of the mounting challenges that are delaying truck drivers who are transporting critical medical supplies, food, essential supplier resources, etc...

Not only are any delays unacceptable to fighting this crisis, but also the health of truck drivers could become an issue through the difficulty in finding food to sustain them through these extended driving hours. Many truck stops are no longer serving and fast-food locations do not accept truckers trying to walk through the drive-thru. Furthermore, it creates unsafe parking attempts for the semis & danger for other motorists.

Please see this important change notice from the United States Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration:

Some other states have already agreed to allow this exception during the crisis.
Please consider as the truckers are feeling like the forgotten in their heroic duties.
We all need them.

That's It! Thanks so much for being a part of this solution!
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