Snow Cone City, LLC Food Truck

“Add a little FLAVOR to your event!!”
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Dallas County
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About Us
In December, 2011, I was faced with the unfortunate task of taking custody of my three young grandchildren. Unfortunate only because of the pain they had to endure for us to come to that decision. I found myself coming up with ideas and ways to entertain young children at a much later stage in my life. They have kept me young! I was always looking for ways to put a smile on their faces and to make them feel loved. There have been many activities that I never imagined I would do, that I find myself enjoying as much as, if not more than them!
Loving them and giving them a better quality of life has given me joy. It has also caused me to have more compassion for all children. We go about our day to day lives and we never know what pain children are experiencing. Being in a position to put smiles on children’s faces excites me! Hence, the birth of Snow Cone City!
Our Food
Snow Cones
Soft Drinks
Hot Chocolate (Winter Months)
Signature Dish:  Snow Cones
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