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Signature Dish:
Reuben Dog
About Us:
The hot dog during my childhood was really elevated to an art form with all manner of creations to be found on the east coast: Deep fried Texas Wieners, “dirty water dawgs”, grilled and split dogs on a ciabatta roll with potatoes and onions, exotic polish Kielbasas and German Bratwursts — I loved them all. Topped with spicy mustard, sauerkraut, grilled onions, chili, cheese, and more! This is what I missed and wanted to bring to this area. Add in an affinity for delicious soft pretzels, shaved ice, and ice cold bottled sodas and you get a good idea what we want to bring to your neighborhood: American comfort food, simple food prepared expertly with top-notch premium ingredients.

Our ultralight hybrid food cart takes up a much smaller footprint than a traditional food truck or trailer we can usually fit our entire cart in a 12×8 space, allowing for locating the food right where the people are congregated at backyard parties, camping festivals, farm markets, HOA’s, pool parties, or private events. We can get in, make a delicious meal for your guests and serve it on location quickly. We are completely self contained with propane and a super-quiet inverter generator for electricity when needed.
Scotty C's Street Eats
Scotty C's Street Eats
Scotty C's Street Eats
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