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North Bay, CA
About Us
Ohm Coffee Roasters is based in Napa Valley, CA, sourcing “rock star” beans from the world’s great coffee origins. We take quality and freshness seriously, but sidestep the coffee elitism so our customers can focus on what really matters—enjoying a great cup. We develop our roasts a bit further than current fashions, emphasizing a balance of both origin character as well as sweet, lush roast notes. And we focus on blends over single origins so our customers can enjoy consistently great coffee in the style they prefer, without having to know the differences between a Kenyan, a Colombian, or a Costa Rican.
Coffee is our primary “amplified beverage” (our company and blend names are a nod to the guitar amplifiers that have defined the rock n’ roll era), but we offer some others that amplify with little or no caffeine, such as kombucha and tea.
From our truck, we serve a range of espresso drinks from our La Marzocco Linea, as well as pourover, batch brew, and cold brew coffee, all made with fresh-roasted beans and thoughtful preparation. We also serve a small, rotating selection of goodies from some of our favorite local bakers.
You can find our coffee by following us on social media (where we post truck locations), starting a coffee subscription at ohmcoffee.com, or visiting one of our local partners.
Our truck is available for private events, events@ohmcoffee.com to learn more. Our beans are available for wholesale purchase and corporate gifting, wholesale@ohmcoffee.com to learn more.
Rock on.
Our Food
• Espresso/Macchiato/Gibraltar/Cappuccino/Latte/Mocha/Americano, using our Handwired Espresso blend or Half Stack Decaf
• Brewed coffee, Café Au Lait, or pourover, using one of our blends or single origins
• Cold brew, using our Tweed blend
• A selection of “Amplified Beverages” including Hot Chocolate, Adaptogenic Lattes, and Matcha.
• Spring water, and Pellegrino
• All drinks can be made with organic whole, or half and half. In addition, a selection of nondairy milks are also available including oat, macadamia, and almond.
• Organic milks and sweeteners (cane sugar, stevia, agave syrup)
Signature Dish:  Cappuccino
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