Comfort Food Food Trucks in North Charleston, SC

Maria's Pink Box100

Signature Dish:
About Us:
* I am the CEO /Master Baker

* I Discovered, Developed, Sole Investor, and Master Baker. I have been working on this Concept, the Extensive Sweet Product line, and Services since 2005. I officially opened my Business in May 2015 where my Sweets Products are in Pretty Pink Boxes and the Product Line was developed to focus on Classic Timeless Sweets.

*I wanted My Logo to be a Timeless Picture of me, it took 5 years to develop the Perfect Logo. I wanted to make sure that my Hairstyle and lips were a part of my Logo.
*FUN FACT- I have never ASPIRED to open a Bakery I have always wanted to have an Online Non-Traditional Baking Company with an Extensive sweet Product line and Services. However, People Continue to Assume that I want a Storefront Bakery but my long-term goal is to open an Event Hall. "However People insist on Praying for a Bakery for me".

* I consider myself a Dream Chaser because I Currently work in Education as a Director of Admission at a College where I Enjoy Changing Lives. I Dream of the day I will leave my Education Career Open my Event Hall and be 100% Entrepreneur of Maria's Pink Box!
*My Favorite Color is Pink

* The Extensive Sweet Product Line Recipes are Developed by me they consist of all of my Favorite Sweets
* I am a Self Taught Baker my Bachelor's Degree is in Business Administration / Accounting. I Have no Culinary Art Education Experience

*My Favorite Service is the Vendor Service. I love the Beautiful Pink Presentation of an onsite Bakery. I love the Fun Conversations and stories that people share with me when they Reminisce about memories of happy moments that they enjoyed in their lives. I love overwhelming Customers with my excessive sweet options.
*I Love My Dessert Food Truck. I have so much fun Serving the Community
My Hobby is Baking and Reading
* I have two Sons Devin Walker & Donterry Walker and 4 Grandchildren
* I am a Motivational Speaker, God has blessed me with the Gift of Encouragement and Public Speaking

* My wonderful Sons Created this website for my Birthday in July of 2013 to Encourage me to move forward with my Dream Business!

* I Post Daily on FaceBook - Maria's Pink Box & Instagram -mariaspinkbox_
Maria's Pink Box
Maria's Pink Box
Maria's Pink Box

Blackenese Hibachi Food Truck70

Signature Dish:
Collard green egg rolls
About Us:
We have created a perfect fusion of one of the most popular cuisines in the US. Cajun soul food with Hibachi.
We Also cater custom menus Cajun, soul food, and others.
Blackenese Hibachi Food Truck
Blackenese Hibachi Food Truck
Blackenese Hibachi Food Truck

Whoo Dat Hot Dog Cart54

Categories: Hot Dogs
Tastes: Comfort Food
Signature Dish:
Whoo Dat Chili and Cheese
About Us:
Jumbo All beef Hot dogs and gumbo Creole inspired
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