Cindy Lou Who's Kettle Corn Food Truck

We Service
Richmond KY and up to an hr away.
About Us
We were looking to start our own business and came across Kettle Corn Equipment so went with it. The name on the other hand if named after a special person (Cindy Mae Underwood-Power) my partner's Mother who passed from Stomach and Liver Cancer September 3rd,2018 and so when thinking of our name... It was a struggle cause we wanted to incorporate her but didn't want to throw her real name out there on labels for customers to toss out so rather we went with Cindy Lou Who's Kettle Corn which we found out by purchasing a Christmas Tree at a Christmas Tree Farm that Cindy Lou Who was my mom's nickname from her work sister and work family at Hitachi in Berea KY and so we went with that and it has popped ever since and so we used her photo and made it into cartoon form and that's our logo!!!
Our Food
Kettle Corn of many flavors from Original, Caramel,Caramel Apple, Pink Vanilla and other specialty flavors for special holiday or events.

Pork Rinds of many flavors as well from Original, Ranch, Sweet BBQ, Chile and Lime, Salt and Vinegar, Bold and Spicy BBQ, Bacon Cheddar.
Signature Dish:  Kettle Corn and Pork Rinds
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