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“Perfecting Generational Recipes for Centuries.”
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My love for cooking began as a child of 4 when I made my first official dish- spaghetti -well with mom's help. I rolled out my first chapati/roti a few weeks later. My mother happened to be a chef working in some of the best five-star restaurants around. My food is not only inspired by her but by a long family legacy. A legacy of cooking one would say with the mind of a Natural Path, which was borne by our great great great grandparents. Most notably our renowned great Grand Father who trained with the best natural paths during the early 1900's; to enhance the family's knowledge base which was derived from over 250 years of prior history. Our main ingredients are the freshest available, and 100% Organic! No GMO, No Antibiotics -even the sneaky ones. Yes, we do have Vegan and gluten-free options in fact entire services can be nothing but -upon request.

We dedicate our food mission to our Grandfather who was -among many other amazing selfless things- a renowned natural path; a service he provided for free.
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We are a 100% Organic Indian Fusion Food Truck
Signature Dish:  Saucy Butter Chicken
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