Halal Food Trucks in Maryland

Noi's Kitchen61

Origin: Thai
Signature Dish:
Drunken noodles - Pad Thai - Pineapple Fried Rice - Steak and cheese Egg roll
About Us:
Noi’s Kitchen is a Thai Street Food Truck. Our High-quality ingredients mixed with outstanding service is the best combination. Born and raised in Bangkok, Chef Morin recently moved to the Washington DC area and wanted to share her love of cooking and delicious street food with you. Thai food out of our truck far exceeds anything in a restaurant. It’s spicier as per your level preference, more aromatic, and adventurous in a way only street food can be. Whether you’re looking for a noodle dish, rice dish, a sandwich, or even a side of French fries. Whether you’re a Meat lover, Vegetarian, or Vegan we got you covered, we have options for everyone to enjoy.
Noi's Kitchen
Noi's Kitchen
Noi's Kitchen
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