Milo’s Pizza Food Truck

“Cheese over pizza”
We Service
Pinellas, Hillsborough, Manatee, Sarasota and Lee counties. May go more inland for special occasions
About Us
Dave had pizzerias in Indiana that were voted the Best Pizza in Indiana, Milo’s Pizza. After moving to Florida three years ago, Dave and his Business Partner Robin became Realtors. However, Dave didn’t get the pizza sauce out of his veins. Dave and Robin bought a pizza truck and named it Milo’s Pizza just like his pizzerias in Indiana. By the way, he named his pizzerias after a disabled dog that he rescued. Dave bought Milo a wheelchair and Milo went everywhere with him.

Milo’s Pizza has very unique and delicious cheese over pizza. The Bosco sticks with cheese sauce Milo’s Pizza will be serving are to die for.
Our Food
Pizza, soda, Bosco sticks with cheese sauce, calzones, bread sticks, chips, salads, fruit cups, wings, cookies, grilled cheese for the little ones
Signature Dish:  Milo’s Giant pizza
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