Mr. B's Shaved Ice Food Truck

“Enjoying a small piece of Heaven, one cup at a time”
We Service
Collin County, Dallas County, Denton County, Grayson County
About Us
Wow, this dream started, almost 19 years ago. I was coaching tee-ball in McKinney, TX. During our games an Ice cream truck would drive by the games in the neighborhood, playing that crazy song. Man, the kids on both teams would lose their minds. After the second or third game, I told my wife, I want to own one of those trucks. Fast forward, I stumbled upon Shaved Ice and fell in love with it. We found out it wasn't only the youth that love Shaved ice but the big kids also (the dads especially). Therefore, we started a family-based business that is Certified by the stat as Veteran owned. We take pride in our product for taste, presentation and just simply joy..
Our Food
We proudly serve New Orleans style shaved ice.
Signature Dish:  Flavored Shave Ice with Sweeten Condense milk (Cream, it is to die for)
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