Brain Freeze Fair Desserts Food Truck

“So good, makes you want to workout”
We Service
Cola,SC and surrounding areas
North Carolina and parts of GA
About Us
We started this business as a hobby, we wanted to share our love for carnival style desserts that would be available anytime of the year. We know visiting the fair is a staple for so many, which is why bringing you nostalgic memories are at the top of our list!
Our Food
Brain Freeze offers mouth watering carnival styled desserts ranging from:

Funnel cake, Fried Oreos, Deep fried Cheesecake, Deep loaded brownies, hand dipped ice cream and Sorbet.

Our desserts help bridge the gap between corporations and employees through award winning Catering. Creating nostalgic moments with family and friends are at the top of the list with Brain Freeze!
Signature Dish:  Mr. Oreo Cookie Monster
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