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Hello, I'm Terri, the proud owner and operator of T's Sweets & Treats. If you're familiar with the Big Yellow Truck, formerly known as Chicago Taste & More, you've already experienced the magic we bring to your taste buds. For six wonderful years, we've been serving up pure joy on wheels, delighting the hearts of food enthusiasts across town.

But here's the scoop: we're not disappearing, we're just changing lanes! Our journey continues, filled with even more delectable surprises and culinary wonders. As the proud purveyor of T's Sweets &Treats, I'm excited to embark on this new adventure with you.

Join us on a voyage where every treat is an experience, and every bite is a memory waiting to be made. From the familiar comfort of our Big Yellow Truck to the exciting horizon of T's Sweets & Treats, we promise to keep delivering the same mouthwatering flavors and heartwarming moments you've come to love.
I wanted to think outside the box and offer food choices that were different. So come enjoy our great tasting Croissant or Ciabatta sandwiches. More menu choices to choose from, come see us.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of sweetness, innovation, and unforgettable memories. T's Sweets & Treats is here to make your dreams a little sweeter, one bite at a time.
Our Food
Come enjoy an enjoyable experience with a Croissant or Ciabatta warm or cold sandwich. Choose from, Ham, turkey, or Roast beef. Also experience a great tasting Reuben sandwich or our new to menu Patty Melt with our in house made spicy ranch dressing. After enjoying your sandwich come on over for one of our smooth tasting slushies or special vanilla ice cream recipe. Now to top it all off that mouth watering dessert. The made from scratch pound cake or peach cobbler.
Signature Dish:  Croissant or Ciabatta Sandwiches
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