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Oftentimes, the moments that seem inconsequential can unexpectedly shape the course of your life. This is what I learned on my path to opening Egg Stand.

I did not realize it at the time, but it all started in my teenage years. My parents owned a deli in Long Beach, NY where I spent many afternoons helping out in the kitchen. As an adult, I never expected to get into the food industry. I gravitated towards the corporate world instead, working in sales for a commercial construction company for over 15 years.

Food, however, was never entirely off my radar. I traveled frequently for my job, giving me the opportunity to explore the food scene in many major cities. On one trip, I found myself taken by a particular cart in Los Angeles’s Grand Central Market that specialized in egg sandwiches. I was charmed by the concept, and my memory of the company never quite faded. Years later, that memory became instrumental.

At 57, my life changed dramatically. I was suddenly laid off and found myself at a standstill. I was in the same position of many who become unemployed late in their careers. Given my decades of experience, I was overqualified for most open positions. After three months of sending out applications to no avail, I decided to spend a weekend in Vegas to take my mind off things. Upon reaching my hotel’s lobby, I saw something that astounded me.

It was the same egg sandwich cart I encountered in LA, and apparently the business had grown exponentially. There must have been 300 people waiting in line. I spent hours just watching the commotion, talking to the customers, and trying to decipher how the concept took off. After returning to my hotel room, I spent all night jotting down the notes that became the skeletal model of Egg Stand’s business plan. After returning to Dallas, I used a chunk of my severance package to open up my own food truck.

We started off small. Despite the lack of advertising, we grew fast. Our popularity was totally organic. News of Egg Stand spread via word-of-mouth and, before long, we found ourselves landing in some of the most popular food truck spaces in the city.

We’re still going strong today, serving our made-to-order egg sandwiches to residents throughout Dallas. If you eat here, prepare to rethink everything you thought you knew about the egg. We’re proof this versatile food need not be relegated to the breakfast menu. Our egg-based sandwiches are well-suited for lunch, dinner, or really any time of day. Feel free to stop by whenever and enjoy a bite.

Michael Luttinger
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Gourmet Egg Sandwiches
Homemade French Fries
Gouda Mac & Cheese
Signature Dish:  DA Boss
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