Mariscos Arenita Food Truck

“Best Seafood in LA county.”
We Service
Los Angeles, Orange County, Long Beach, Whittier, Santa Ana, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Lakewood, East LA
About Us
We started our business in 2021 with one goal in mind: providing an enjoyable food truck dining experience to the LA/OC area. Thanks to our experience and dedication, we’ve managed to become masters of the craft. Providing food that is fresh, hearty and simply unforgettable.
Our Food
Hi, we are a seafood Foodtruck my menu consists of fish tacos/shrimp tacos, and ceviches. I also have non seafood options like brisket tacos and pork belly tacos. I am inquiring because we have availability and would love to work with you. Here’s a closer look at my menu thank you and hope to hear back from you :)
Signature Dish:  Fish tacos
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