Karens Kitchen & Catering Food Truck

We Service
All of South Carolina, Charleston and Charlotte
About Us
I started my food truck business over fifteen years ago while operating a restaurant. I asked myself “ how can I get my products to people without them coming to me” ? Mobile food truck came to my mind then I put the plan to work, afterwards so May people followed me. I love cooking delicious food. I use my heart while cooking. Cooking is my passion.
Our Food
Fried fish, chicken tenders, pull bbq, fried shrimps, polish sausage, French fries, Funnel cake , fresh squeezed lemonade, loaded fries, fried Oreos, hot dogs, fried rice, egg rolls , chicken & waffles bake chicken, Mac and cheese, green beans, corn bread, beef lasagne,salads and much more.
Signature Dish:  Pull bbq
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